Nothing speaks love more than red roses. But does our love for Valentine’s Day have to be at the expense of our love for the planet. With a little bit of thought I think we can spread that love to encompass all.

So here are my top 5 tips


No 1 – Say NO to the plastic cylinder, there are alternatives

Take a look at our plastic free Paper Pottery vases and pots. Waterproof so it will keep your rose looking it’s best, lightweight so easy to carry home & best of all you can use it over and over again before you put it into the compost bin to breakdown naturally.


No 2 – Say NO to the plastic wrap

Ask your local florist if they use cellophane instead of plastic to wrap their flowers. Cellophane is made from wood pulp so is biodegradable. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, rip the sheet and if it tears it’s cellophane, if it stretches it’s plastic.


No 3 – Say no to those little plastic stem holders

Yes they contain a little bit of water to keep your flower alive but your florist can keep the flowers in water and then you can place them in water when you buy them. That little bit of plastic is doing a lot more damage to every plant and animal then just one thirsty flower.


No 4 – Say no to imported flowers

Those plant miles add up to a big carbon footprint. You will be supporting a local grower if you buy flowers grown closer to home. This year especially you might notice a big rise in prices for imported flowers, many of them come in to Australia in the luggage area on international flights with so few international flight the costs have sky rocketed so another reason to buy local.


No 5 – Does it really have to be roses to say I love you

Our native plants are some of the most spectacular in the world and our florist are talented artists when it comes to displaying them, so go on step out of the ordinary and try a living plant of a beautiful bunch of native flowers. After all COVID has shown us how adaptable we all are to change so lets embrace it for the betterment of our planet and let every flower speak of LOVE.

Valentines love