We can sometimes forget how lucky we are. This global pandemic has served as a reminder of the inequalities felt by workers around the world. For our producers in Sri Lanka, Fair Trade principles have ensured that while COVID kept them away from work they were still supported.

We all know how anxiety-ridden the recent months have been due to this invisible virus. The worry for ourselves and family. The worry that you won’t have a job anymore. The worry of how to access government support.

Imagine going through the exact same process but knowing that there will not ever be a government safety net. No Job Keeper benefits. The stark reality for many people in developing countries is that there is no government assistance to help you feed and support your family in times of need. You are on your own.

Fair Trade is a job keeper

Our producers are not on their own.

We follow Fair Trade principles; this means that our workers have continued to receive their wages while they were unable to work during lockdown. They had the security of knowing that their jobs remained, that they were valued and their welfare was important.

As most of our producers are women, many providing the main income in their home, the continued financial support provided relief to all those in their care. It meant that, just as we did here, they were able to home school their children, cook nutritious meals and to just worry in general about COVID, but always knowing there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Our producers are back at work now. They are making changes where needed to allow for social distancing and increased sanitation. Their children, like ours are back at school. They still worry, as we do, about the continued threat of the virus. And like us, they value the financial support they received over the lockdown.

The only difference is that their support came from Fair Trade rather than their government.

If you believe we are “All in this together”, choose Fair Trade to support women just like you.