Time to switch off the lights, light a candle, shine a light on the planet and start talking.

Earth Hour 2018 is about conversations on the loss of nature around you. With accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss threatening our planet, these conversations through Earth Hours new platform Connect2Earth.org is a way for people to connect with each other and drive global awareness and action on biodiversity.

It’s time to share your thoughts on the issues that matter to you. Start a conversation with your friends, share your passions on social media #connect2earth and get proactive.

Some actions you could adopt this Earth Hour


Find a local community group that is protecting nature in your area.

I live in Marrickville which has the Cooks River flowing through it. The Mudcrabs are a local community group of eco-volunteers that care for the Cooks River and the foreshores environment by regularly collecting rubbish and restoring the bush around it.

Start a group

Can’t find a group in your area?

Why not start one up and link into a like-minded group such as Beach Patrol – an organised network of volunteers and community beach cleaning groups who work together to clean up Australia’s beaches.

Holidays with meaning

Next time you are planning an overseas trip, why not spend a few days volunteering.

You can volunteer at The Millennium Elephant Foundation to help ex-working elephants and temple elephants as well as work on their programs educating villagers in elephant conflict areas.

Plant a tree

Green your suburb, provide habitat for native animals and help combat city temperature rises due to the loss of green canopy. Speak to your local council about what they are doing to increase the urban forest in your suburb.

Or you can help a larger organisation in Australia and plant a tree to save a local habitat and threatened species, like Save the Koala. Or on a global scale, Trees 4 Life work with people and organisations across the globe to plant more trees and protect the world’s precious forests.

Don’t forget all the simple everyday things we can all do to make a difference

Simple everyday changes


 We must never forget, our actions today will define our tomorrows.

Happy Earth Hour