The crazy season is almost upon us, cue the unrelenting Christmas carols and the rush to stock your shelves ready and waiting for the inevitable last-minute dash by eager shoppers.

Many customers love nothing more than being able to walk in and grab something all wrapped and ready to gift.

As retailers the challenge is to find a way to present your prewrapped ‘grab and go’ gift options while still letting the customer know what the gift contains and taking up minimal shelf space. And ideally achieving all this minus the plastic! This can often be easier said than done, however there are options.

Choose natural fibre Giftbags

One of our great new finds this year is the humble yet effective Sinamay Bag. These make great little gift bags for your goodies. They are made from natural fibres – the stem of the Abaca plant and being woven with a loose weave allow you to see what’s inside the bag while still appearing neatly gift-wrapped.

Sinamay bags make the sweetest, plastic-free gift bags for your grab and go options. The easiest up sell this Christmas is popping a few related items in a reusable sinamay bag and watching them walk out the door.

Of course if having spare time to create curated gift options seems like a dream, we do sell a range of pre-packed Eco Max Pamper Packs for the face, shower and body.

Plastic Free Hampers

If you have traditionally made up hampers as your go to quick, gift option and are wanting to take the step towards a plastic-free, zero-waste Christmas without the extra expense, choose our Waterproof Paper Pottery to make a great base for your hamper. We have some great Christmas themed pots which start from $3.50.

Paper Pottery pots can be reused around the home. They look great with your indoor plants and remove the need for a saucer as water can be poured straight in, you can also use them as stylish containers for bits and bobs around the house – they are a great way to store your Eco Max kitchen brushes and they make a beautiful vase for flowers.

And if you think a hamper just isn’t a hamper without being trussed up in plastic with a big bow, you can still choose cellophane. Unlike plastic wrapping, cellophane is made from pure plant cellulose, usually derived from wood fibre, which will break down in the compost. Do be careful though, many plastic manufacturers market their product as ‘cello’, you can tell real cellophane as it will tear unlike plastic which will stretch if ripped.

Make your life easy this Christmas and make up some plastic-free grab and go gifts, it saves both you and your customer time which means more Christmas cheer for all🎄