Protecting our Forests is a matter of ImportAnts, because they are more than just a collection of trees…

They provide a carbon sink, by absorbing the greenhouse gasses that have huge implications for climate change. They also play a key role in the water cycle. They are home to many thousands of plants and animals, including endangered species such as the Sri Lankan Elephant. Plus millions of people around the world depend on forests for hunting, gathering and their way of life.

Without forests, the world as we know it would cease to exist.

We take the protection of forests very seriously. Which is why we source our wood from well managed and certified producers.

The Forest Stewardship Council is a not for profit international body that was founded 25 years ago and is still operated by environmentalists, social interest groups, indigenous peoples’ organisations, responsible retailers and lead forest management companies today. The FSC promotes environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests, by establishing a worldwide standard of recognized and respected Principles of Forest Stewardship and providing certification to companies in order to guarantee the authenticity of their claims.


All of the timber used in our Eco Max Brushes is sourced from FSC certified wood. The Rubberwood comes from properly managed plantations, where the trees are only cut down for timber when they have stopped producing rubber.  The Alstonia timber is a fast growing plantation wood that is used for building in Sri Lanka and where possible we will use offcuts from this industry.

We always consider the entire lifecycle of our products. From how the natural materials are sourced and how our producers who make them are treated, to the products impact on the planet and their biodegradability at the end of their life. Because environmental responsibility is a matter of ImportAnts.