No, it’s not a Superhero dumpster diver…but it could be.

It’s a little less bold but heroic none the less, a super-freegan is a person who does not shop at large chain supermarkets.


So why would you become a super-freegan?

There are so many benefits to shopping at your local stores and farmers markets that the question really should be, why wouldn’t you?!

Firstly it’s local. Which means more often than not you can walk to do your shopping,  so you are helping the planet by not driving. You can also save yourself the stress of fighting for a car space. It might take a little longer, but you will get to know your community.  Make it an enjoyable part of your shopping experience and drop into a local café while you are out.

Secondly, your local store owners are a wealth of information. They can talk to you about the products they stock, recommend what would be the best option for you and give you lots of background information about their suppliers. You might also catch up on some local gossip and even find a friend.

Thirdly they stock items from smaller producers. These are the sort of items that you will rarely get at the big supermarkets. Things like Fairtrade, local produce, Vegan and specialist items. They are ahead of the pack when it comes to the latest next best thing, like hemp seeds. If you ask nicely, many local store owners will even try to order items in especially for you.

Fourthly your local store owner is more likely to share your ethos. They are the people who promote plastic free and will have bulk food items to save on packaging. Local stores were the first ones to ditch the plastic bags and offer reusable options like the Boomerang Bag and have helped this important grassroots initiative grow and thrive. Organic products were in your local stores way before the big supermarkets even thought of it. They listen to their customers so know what you want and are often the leaders because of this.

And last but not least you will be supporting your local economy. Local store owners are invested in the area, often living locally. They support your local sports clubs and schools when it comes to fundraising. They give your community the vibrant shopping strip we all want in our suburbs.

So let’s all support a local hero, our local shops.

Become a super-freegan!!!