Natural vegetable fibres have been used for centuries, way before plastic was even invented. They are longer lasting and have no built in obsolescence, making them better value for money than plastic.  Many natural fibres are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, such as coconut fibre and hemp. And if that is not enough, here are 5 more reasons to make the switch.


1. A healthy choice – natural fibres are not made from chemical compounds found in man made fibres, many of which are petroleum based and unlike synthetic fibres, they do not contribute to micro-plastic fibres in our waters and food chains.


2. Biodegradable – vegetable fibres are natural so they can be put into your compost bin, in fact it is the micro- organisms in your compost that actually eat the fibres.


3. Sustainable – natural vegetable fibres are carbon neutral, absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide that they produce.


4. Ethical – all natural fibres are products of agriculture often found in developing countries. So by choosing them, particularly from Fair Trade producers, you are supporting developing countries and helping to fight rural poverty.


5. Renewable – natural fibres are a renewable resource. They are not a finite resource such as petroleum and can be sustainably grown.


Import Ants believe that we all have the chance to create a better, healthier, more sustainable future through the choices we make. Come join our tribe and switch to natural.


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