Often our New Year’s Eve resolutions are a wish list for making improvements in our own life. You know, more exercise, being mindful, taking time out for ourselves, eating better or spending more time with the ones we love.

But isn’t it time we made a resolution for the planet?

You’ve seen the images of plastic on our beaches and the effect it has on our seas and sea life. But it also affects us.

So if you need another reason to Ditch the Plastic for the Planet? –  Plastic is now found in all salt.

Yes, all salt!

Sea salt and rock salt, trendy salt and table salt. So that means we are all eating it. Yes, even if you don’t add salt to your food, it is in every commercial meal you eat.

Ok, so the party’s over and it’s time we gave up plastics for the planet. But let’s make this one New Year’s Resolution we can all stick to.

So start simple with these 5 easy steps to ditch the plastic-

1. Don’t use single use plastic bags

Yes I know you are already doing that!

But next time you get your takeaway meal don’t forget to bring your own carry bag and when you make that impulse buy say no to the plastic bag. If you forget your own bag, and let’s face we all do sometimes😕, then don’t buy what you can’t carry.

2.Use bars of soap

Seems simple. Over the years we have all become addicted to pump action liquid soaps. They are convenient and less messy than a bar of soap but at what cost? They are more expensive in dollar terms to manufacture and buy, they have many more chemicals added and then there’s the plastic container.  So go on, use a bar of soap, for the planet.

3. Stop using the plastic pot scourer

This is a big issue that not many people are talking about. Billions, no trillions of these nasty, greasy synthetic fibre scouring pads are used worldwide daily and they don’t biodegrade. Like all plastic they remain for perhaps ever in the environment just breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. So make a stand and switch to a natural fibre one like our coconut fibre Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber.  Want more reasons to make the switch? Read on….

4. Make a stand against over packaging

Packaging has a whole science around it, from the colours chosen, to the wording, to the shape. The company’s whole mission is to make you buy it. But we are smarter than that😊. So, if you can’t get to a zero waste store with your own container than pick the item with the least amount of packaging and make a vote with your dollars for the planet. Oh and drop any plastic packaging back at your local supermarket plastic recycling bin.

5. Reuse, make do & buy 2nd hand

I mean do we really need all the things we have in our homes? They just mean we have to clean them and I for one would prefer more time doing things I enjoy rather than cleaning. So next time you think you need a new outfit, invite a friend over and go through your wardrobe with them. Try on different things that you haven’t worn for a while, mix & match, swap some items with your friend, have a laugh and create a new look with what you have😎. You will be amazed at what you come up with. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all you need.

So 5 tips to start you on your New Year’s Resolution for the Planet, add more as you go and together we can make a difference.