Cleaning does not have to be complicated. Go back to basics with these chemical free cleaning recipes and our natural household brushes.

Spring is a time of new beginnings – we open the windows to warmer weather and sweep the winter dust out the door. So what better time to ditch the ugly plastics in your home, and upgrade to beautiful natural brushes that you won’t want to hide away.


The Japanese inspired Eco Max Scrub Brush will have your cleaning done in no time, thanks to a two pronged attack!

Rice Root – A wavy yellow fibre from the roots of a native Mexican grass, for a tougher scrub.
Tampico – A variety of cactus, which absorbs water and releases it as you scrub, making it ideal for softer an over all clean.
It is the unique combination of these two natural fibres, that will make your spring cleaning a breeze. Plus the Eco Max Scrub Brush is so pretty, you will want to keep it on display.

Eco Max Scrub Brush


get a helping hand to scrub those tough spots with this tried and tested homemade remedy…

Bicarb Bathroom Blitz
Make a paste of equal parts lemon juice, vinegar and bicarb soda and use it to scrub grout and bathroom tiles. To remove mould spray a mix of a ¼ teaspoon of oil of cloves added to a litre of water, leave overnight, then wipe clean.  

Be swept off your feet

You can instantly feel the difference when sweeping with a natural coconut fibre broom. The soft bristles do not ball on the ends, so they will never flick the dust like synthetic fibres do. Plus coconut fibre is prettier than plastic, so it is perfect for hanging on your wall to show off your eco creds, but best of all because they are natural they are also antibacterial so they always smell fresh.

If the bristles flatten over time give them a wash and hang your broom in the sun to dry, or better still try this recipe first, then pop it on the line.

Tea Tonic for Timber
Did you know Tea contains an acid which is brilliant for timber..? The Tannins in the tea react with the the timber and keep it healthy. Simply make a pot of tea using 5 teaspoons of tea leaves, let this steep then pour into a bucket of boiling water. Wrap an old pair of pantyhose around your broom, dip your broom into the tea mix, and then use to mop your floor.

A rake for all reasons

Inside is done, now it’s time to tackle the yard. The Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom is so beautiful, you won’t want to hide it in the garden shed – plus it functions as both a broom and a rake, so the job will be done in half the time!

When used as a rake,  the Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom will not tear up the grass, but it will easily rake up all your garden debris. Turn it sideways to clean in tight corners and garden beds. It is even gentle enough to whisk leaves from between plants and on pebbles.

As a broom the fibres are dense enough to sweep and flexible enough to work on rough surfaces. Turn it sideways to sweep in-between decking boards, around pavers and pots. It is very light weight so you can use it with one hand, plus it can also be used wet or dry.

Need to clean up any slippery mossy areas in your garden before summer hits…?  Here is an easy fix!

A Mossy Mission
Simply spray the moss liberally with straight vinegar until it is soaked through. Leave the solution  for 15 minutes at least, then sweep off the moss with your Coconut Palm Broom which will easily get into all the crevices. Hose down the area and use the broom to sweep the water away. Make sure you pick a warm & cloudy day to do this so the vinegar can soak in and won’t evaporate.