Why we love to love ethically responsible businesses

Trust in our institutions is at an all-time low. Be it big business, government or the brands in our supermarkets. Thanks to the growth of social media, it is easier than ever to know when businesses ethical claims do not match our expectations.

So what do we expect from businesses today?

A recent YouGov Omnibus survey found that 87% of Australians think businesses have a responsibility to do social good.

Overall, 6 out of 10 Australians believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure their supply chain does not harm the environment. While 57% believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure their supply chain is free from damaging practices, such as forced labour.

So it’s surprising just 4 in 10 business owners, CEO’s and senior management believe that their supply chains need to step up and take care of the environment.

This suggests that the Australian people care more about the environment and social responsibility than businesses do. Which is why 66% of consumers were found to have a more positive opinion of businesses that give even a small amount of their profits to charity.

We want to be able to trust that companies are doing the right thing, both environmentally and socially.

It all comes down to trust. Which is why ECOMAX Brushes feel so strongly about Fair Trade. We follow the 10 Fair Trade principles to ensure that our supply chain supports all of the workers who hand make our products. This means they are paid a living wage, have a safe and happy work environment, that there is no forced or child labour and that we care for the environment.

Import Ants is an endorsed Fair Trader by the Fair Trade Association of Australia.

This endorsement represents our commitment to these Fair Trade principles. A commitment that we extend to our retailers by always endeavouring to be ethical, open and fair. So you know you can trust our products and the stories that make them unique.

Because being Fair is what makes us different.