You know the fail… The one where you have been hibernating next to your heater for the winter, then a heatwave as glorious as it is unexpected hits, but your skin is all flaky and certainly not ready to be out on display.
Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. So here are 6 simple steps for silky smooth skin, just in time for summer and all year round.

When it is colder we tend not to drink as much water as we do in warmer weather. Regardless of the season, our bodies still need plenty of H2O to keep hydrated. So make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water every day of the year.Dead skin cells absorb less moisture, which defeats the purpose of applying moisturisers to begin with. If you dry body brushing before taking a shower you will remove these dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its natural oils. But best of all you will open up your pores, allowing your renewed soft skin to optimally absorb and retain moisturisers.Many soaps and body washes contain chemicals that are absorbed into the skin and can strip it of its natural moisture. Make the switch to a natural unscented cleanser instead, such as a goat’s milk or almond soap, and feel how smooth your skin gets.As lush as a steaming hot shower is, the intense heat beating on your skin actually breaks down the lipid barriers leading to a loss in moisture. So turn the water temperature down and reap the rewards.After showering, while your skin is still damp, slather your whole body in a natural organic oil, like almond, coconut or Morrocan argan oil and gently pat your skin dry. But please don’t rub your skin with your towel, because that defeats the whole purpose!

Follow these simple steps and eff off flaky skin forever!