Eco Max Body Brushes FAQ

Q. Which dry body brush is best for my skin type?

A. We have a range of body brushes that differ in size and bristle firmness. Our softest brushes, made with jute fibre, are the Dry Face Brush and the Princess Brush, these are ideal for delicate or sensitive skin types. Those new to dry body brushing sometimes prefer the softer Princess brush to start with.

Our medium brushes are made from sisal, the fibre most commonly suggested for dry body brushing.  This natural fibre is firm yet never harsh or abrasive making sisal the choice for most skin types.

Q. When is the best time to dry body brush?

A. The best time is before you bathe. Dry body brushing removes the dead cells from your skin and cleans the dirt from your pores, it is a good idea to shower afterwards to wash away any loose remnants.

Many people like to dry body brush in the morning as they feel it energizes them for the day ahead. However dry body brushing can also work to de-stress at the end of the day. The gentle pressure of brushing has a calming effect and the increase in blood flow and stimulation of the nervous system has an energising effect, it works both ways, so find what suits you.

Q. Can I use my brush in the shower?

A. Some of our body brushes are suitable for both wet and dry use, these include the Palm Body Brush, Travel Body Brush, Foot Brush and both the Back Brush with Long Handle and with Cotton Cords. These brushes are designed to be used in the shower/bath, however ensure after use, excess water is shaken off and your brush is stored in a well-ventilated area to dry. Our remaining body brushes are for dry use only as they retain moisture readily and are more susceptible to mould.

Q. How do I care for my dry body brush?

A. Wash your brush with a mild anti-bacterial soap every two weeks and hang on the line in the sun to dry completely before use. In between washes you can spray your brush with our Eco Max Turmeric Spritzer. Turmeric is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and will keep your brush clean and smelling fresh.

Q. Why do I need to wash my dry body brush?

A. Every time you use your brush you are removing dead skin cells and ingrained dirt from your skin, over time these will build up in your brush fibres. It is therefore important to wash your brush regularly to remove build-up to ensure your brush remains fresh and clean.

Q. Will my body brush get mouldy?

A. Used correctly your Eco Max brushes will not get mouldy. However it is important to note that all Eco Max Brushes are made from natural fibres and like any natural fibre left wet for long periods of time, they are susceptible to mould. Just like your bath towels, you will need to wash and air your brushes. After using your brush in the shower, shake it to remove excess water and hang in a well ventilated area to dry. I hang mine in our bathroom window. In other homes is may be better to hang them on a verandah or other well ventilated area.

Our Dry body brushes are not recommended for wet use in the shower. The small and large sisal Dry Body brushes  are designed for dry use only. Our Face and Princess are made from Jute which retains water and is not recommended for wet use.

Q. What is the best technique for dry body brushing?

A. . Slowly and gently! Start by brushing your feet in an upwards direction with gentle strokes, keep moving up the body paying particular attention to your lymph nodes which are located behind your knees, in your groin, under your armpits and in your neck below your ears. The aim is to stimulate your lymph fluid towards the nodes which act to filter out harmful substances and waste products, the filtered fluid is then returned to your blood stream.

For a more detailed guide follow the steps below:

FEET: Start at the soles of your feet, gently stroking from your toes to your heal. Then to the top of your foot, brushing from your toes to behind your heal on both sides of your feet.
LEGS: Upward strokes from your ankle to your knee & then knee to your groin (lymph glands), brushing from the back to the front of your leg, both the inside and the outside of your leg.
BUTTOCK & BACK: Brush from the top of your buttock in a circular sweep to where your buttock joins your leg and then round to your groin (a bit like smoothing your skirt to sit). Continue up your back, brushing from your spine up and out to the side of your body. At the top of your back, brush up and over your shoulder blades to the lymph glands at the front of your armpit.
ABDOMINAL: Working below your breasts, using your belly button as the centre, brush down and outwards to your groin, and up and outwards to your sides using gentle strokes.
HANDS & ARMS: On the palm of your hand brush from wrist to finger tips and between your fingers, turn over and brush from finger tips to wrist. Continue up your arm, working from the inside and outside to the front and finish at the lymph glands at the front of your armpit.
DECOLLETAGE, NECK & FACE: Use a soft jute brush for more sensitive areas and only brush 2-3 times per week. On your face use gentle sweeps working from the centre outwards and down and continue down your neck with gentle downward strokes. For your décolletage brush from the centre outward to the front of your armpit.

Watch how it is done!

Q. How often should I dry body brush?

A. 2-3 times a week is great, every day is better, but realistically it is about what works for you. Make sure your brush is placed in an accessible location and try to make it a part of your routine, start with a minute at first and build up slowly.

Q. What are the benefits of dry body brushing?

A. Dry body brushing is a completely natural and inexpensive way to promote soft and healthy skin, it has a whole range of health benefits with the 5 key benefits outlined below:

  1. Dry Body Brushing opens the pores and removes dead skin cells acting as a natural exfoliant. Some exfoliating products strip your skin of moisture whereas dry body brushing actually stimulates your skin’s natural oils to reduce dryness.
  2. The movement of the brush during Dry Body Brushing stimulates cell renewal giving your skin a healthy glow all year round.
  3. Dry Body Brushing stimulates the circulatory system increasing blood flow while also supporting your lymphatic system to help detoxify the body, this allows your body to rid itself of toxins and your skin to absorb nutrients. This is a very important benefit as your skin is the last part of your body to absorb nutrients and the first to show signs of imbalance and deficiency.
  4. Dry Body Brushing reduces Keratosis Pilaris which are the bumps on the backs of your arms and generally makes your skin feel smoother.
  5. Dry Body Brushing is great for stress relief, the gentle pressure has a calming effect and the increase in blood flow and stimulation of the nervous system has an energising effect, which make you feel good.

So the benefits of Body Brushing go beyond nice skin, it is an invigorating experience with immediate effects.