If you’re like us, you’ve probably partied hard over the holidays and now you are desperate to get back into a healthy routine.

But don’t stress! Cleaning up your act does not have to be a punishment for your festive sins.

All it takes is 5 minutes to set yourself up for success, with the wholesome and easy routine… of dry body brushing.

5 minutes to De-stress  

The actions of dry body brushing are soothing to your nervous system so you instantly feel calmer.

5 minutes to Be Kind to Yourself 

Life is busy & you owe yourself a little ME time. Time to re-centre, giving you the confidence to go out and kick ass in 2018.

5 minutes to Detox 

Sometimes your body gets a little sluggish. Dry Body brushing helps your lymphatic system do its job, which is to rid your body of toxins.

5 minutes to Be Youtiful

There is only one you and as the commercial says “You deserve it” Damn straight you do! & it only takes as little as 5 minutes to have your skin looking and feeling like silk.


Dry Body Brushing is a 5 minute daily ritual your mind, body and soul will thank you for.